It’s a portmanteau.

My name is Casey, I use they/them pronouns, and this site contains some of my thoughts. On sports. On ‘sportsball’, if you are the type to humorously refer to all ball-chasing games by a single, vaguely insulting term, as I certainly am. So thoughts on sportsball makes, Thoughtsball. That’s the kind of level of intelligence we’re operating on here.

I’m a writer by hobby and a journalist by trade, but have always counted the aforementioned ball-chasing games as one of my main interests for most of my life, from our football to its dissimilarly-executed but identically-named American cousin, to cycling, dodgeball, and most things in between. I’ve played a fair few in my 22 years – both footballs, dodgeball, handball, even a martial art for good measure – but have always enjoyed writing the sort of pretentious thinkpieces you would find in trust-funded newspapers, or loitering in the corners of obscure, English graduate-driven WordPress sites, and now want to make that a reality.

I don’t have a particular plan or strategy for this site, beyond “writing things that interest me about sports that I am interested in”, so keep your eyes peeled for irregular, random and perhaps even occasionally entertaining writings, although the latter I can hardly guarantee.

If you’d like to send me hate or memes of a low quality, you can find me @jp__casey (yes that’s with two underscores) or over on my main blog.

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